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We have the capability to offer technical support by connecting to you via the internet.
Remote connection allow NSI staff to troubleshoot your issue and quickly!
This is often the simplest and fastest solutions to a technical problem.

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IT consulting

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Technical Support

Hardware/Software Support

About Next Solutions

We are I.T!

NSI Managed IT Service are flexible, which in turn enable us to work with you in a variety of ways. In a number of businesses NSI Systems works with, or role is to supplement and complement the current staff and help them be more successful.

We can supplement and complement you existing Information Technology resources by providing senior level engineers that not only understand your Information Technology infrastructure, but also understand your business application system and requirements.

NSI has been in business since 1999 and we pride ourselves in providing quality services to our clients. We are confident that we are able to assist you in achieving your objectives of having a stable and reliable Information Technology infrastructure, which can easily grow with your business.

Not all business needs to take on managed service but a few businesses will only require part of the full managed service that we offer. Every business is unique to its nature and has different reasons for considering additional help in the form of managed services. The reasons below are some common ones:

• Reduce the impact of losing experienced support staff
• Maximized use of existing resources by reducing pressure on existing staff
• Business can focus on their business rather than IT support issues
• Better cost control
• Clearer understanding of IT return on investment
• Improved process by utilizing best practices and standard

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